Lucifer’s Final Season is a Spiffing Curtain Call

Key Art for Lucifer's final season, which features the entire cast of the series and a slogan reading: "all bad things must come to an end."
Source: Netflix

Lucifer‘s final season is a spiffing curtain call that is bound to leave a lasting mark. It’s a culmination of six years full of intricate, thought-provoking storytelling and exquisite character development that’s ending on the kind of note that’s deserving of acclaim.

As for all dramas, there are naturally surprises in store, and everything that is done is to advance the story, and to inspire the very best versions of these beloved characters to rise to the top.

What will Lucifer and Chloe’s new positions look like ? What will happen to Dan down in hell? What are Maze and Eve up to? Amenadiel, Linda…And the burning question, will Ella learn the truth about her friends? Lucifer’s final season comes with answers and they’re just the kind that’ll be intriguing, perhaps called for, and still able surprise in the aftermath.

The performances throughout the final season are some of the strongest the series has ever had, thus serving as utter proof of the matter that the actors on this show have loved and cherished these characters as deeply as the fans. As each of their swan songs, they have delivered with everything that’s in them. In wanting to do right by their most climactic moments, the full range of emotions will be so evocatively moving, not pressing rewind will show to be a great challenge.

Additionally, and perhaps most shocking to me as a viewer, as a season that was filmed during the pandemic, some of the visual effects are stronger than they have ever been, including one episode in particular that’s full of some of the most breathtaking shots in the show’s history.

Where romance is concerned, Lucifer’s final season is also full of some of the softest, most vulnerable, and most compelling moments in the show’s six-year run. Where Lucifer and Chloe are front and center, their scenes together are pure magic—starting from one beautiful moment to another, hearts will be tugged on.

Where there will be surprises in store, this series has always cared about healing love stories and it’s cared, more importantly, about doing right by the characters and what they would need best.

The episodes are remarkably balanced with heart, humor, and necessary drama. The music is unsurprisingly aces still, and seldom does the storyline feel clunky. There is an incredibly high chance that more than one episode throughout this season will land itself on everyone’s list of favorites, and there is a high chance emotions will be running wild.

In short, while Lucifer’s final season might not be perfect on paper and there are details that will require spoiler-filled conversations, it’s satisfying nevertheless.

A tremendous amount of love was evidently poured into this final season by the cast, crew, and every single writer. And I am personally a firm believer of the fact that where there is love sprinkled into every line, there is surely something special about the series that won’t be forgotten in the years to come.

As most final seasons of a beloved show require, come prepared with a box of tissues, snacks, and perhaps even, drinks at the ready. It’s a roll coaster of a ride and once you’re off, you’ll immediately want to stand in line again for another round.

Lucifer’s final season premieres Friday, September 10.

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