The Casual Intimacy in ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Trailer

Spider-Man: No Way Home official title card: nothing to do with casual intimacy.
Source: IMDB

It’s here (and as are the 100s of articles talking about it). Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer is officially out. For starters, at the very least, all of our Twitter timelines could stop begging Marvel and Sony to drop the trailer. We could all collectively breathe for a second. Except, now we’re all likely screaming about different parts of the trailer that have showcased a glimpse into Phase 4. So really, there is no calm.

And okay yes, The Green Goblin will return. Alfred Molina is officially back as Doc Ock. Electro too. All of it. Yes, it’s all crucial. Yes, I’m hyped about all of it. No, there is no way any of us could even begin to decipher the absolute chaos that will erupt with the multiverses being tampered with.

But what I can absolutely do is sit here and talk about the casual intimacy.

Yes, we’re focusing entirely on the stunning casual intimacy between Peter and MJ in the first few moments. That is it. That’s all I want to talk about. That’s all I can focus on. They swept in with the casual intimacy right from the start and anchored me fully into the only thing that matters, our anxious children in a state of complete, albeit momentary, bliss.

Source: Marvel/Sony

When it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there’s plenty we all disagree on. But I feel as though a universal law needs to be established to agree on the fact that there is no sweeter romantic pair than these two and there will never be. We don’t even have to watch the movie to bask in the glow of their casual intimacy. The innocence of the two just lying down together on a rooftop is everything. Be still my heart. It’s too good for this world, too pure.

We are not worthy. Except they are. Both Peter and MJ are absolutely worthy (and deserving) of moments full of casual intimacy and quiet comfort. They’re both 110% deserving of sunlight and bliss and holding hands through crowded streets.

Source: Marvel/Sony

Head empty, from the entire trailer, yes, this is the one thing my brain has placed its sole focus on. Will Peter tell MJ the truth right away after Strange wipes the world’s memory of Spider-Man’s identity? He better. Will this movie likely make us cry? Probably.

After everything both Peter and MJ have been through, if the film doesn’t end with the two of them back on this rooftop, innocently holding hands, I’m requesting for a refund.

Watch the trailer for No Way Home below and scream about casual intimacy with me. We’ll theorize about the rest later. (And yes, there will absolutely be an entire piece on casual intimacy once the film has been released.)


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