Five Reasons Why Colin Bridgerton is the MVP of ‘Bridgerton’

The true MVP of Bridgerton, Colin Bridgerton in Bridgerton season one, courtesy of Netflix.
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MVP of Bridgerton, Colin Bridgerton, Number 3, is chaotic, mischievous, and underestimated by most people around him, including his own family. He gets by with his charm and sense of humor; he can read any room and know how to navigate (most) situations. His perceptibility gives him profound moments of wisdom that tend to throw others off, particularly his older brothers. The Bridgerton family wouldn’t be where they are without him. He is the underrated MVP of Bridgerton, and here are some reasons why. *SPOILERS FOR THE BRIDGERTON BOOK SERIES*

#1 Colin Bridgerton Introduces Kate & Anthony

Nothing like having a younger brother set up an iconic meeting with your future wife. In The Viscount Who Loved Me Colin meets Ms. Kate Sheffield, and here begins proof that he is the MVP of Bridgerton. After a brief conversation, he sees the passion and wit that can go toe to toe with his eldest brother. He finds Anthony and convinces him that in order to win Edwina he needs Kate’s approval. However, true to his character, he tricks Anthony into thinking that Kate is a shy spinster that spoke very highly of the viscount. So when Colin introduces Anthony to Kate, Anthony is unprepared for the fire and fury of Kate. What follows between Kate and Anthony is nothing short of legendary, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the assistance of one Colin Bridgerton.

#2 Colin Ships Kathony as Much as We Do (Hello, Pall Mall!)

Once the London season moves to Aubrey Hall in The Viscount Who Loved Me, the fun really gets going. Colin finds Kate and Anthony mere moments away from kissing in Lady Bridgerton’s garden (I mean, talk about a cockblock from your younger brother!) Colin knows Kate is worth keeping around, which is why he suggests she and her sister join them for a game of Pall Mall. This is a sacred Bridgerton family pastime, one where not just anyone gets an invitation to play. By Kate playing along and besting Anthony with the mallet of death, she unanimously won favor with her future in-laws. Again, here’s Colin Bridgerton initiating an activity that would further grow Kate and Anthony’s attraction to each other. Exhibit B to prove that he is the MVP of Bridgerton.

#3 Colin Gets Anthony to Realize He Loves His Wife

We love all the Bridgerton men, but sometimes it takes them a long time to realize what’s been in front of them all along. Take Anthony Bridgerton for example: he is paralyzed by the fear of an early death and vows that he will never follow in love. In the afterglow of lovemaking bliss, Kate, now his wife, tells him she hopes they stay like that always and forever. “Always and forever” throws his fears back into his face, and he leaves home to drink & hide away from the world.

After Kate tries to bring Anthony back home, it takes his brothers Benedict and Colin to knock some sense into him. The brotherly barbs fly back and forth to a hungover Anthony, but once again, it’s Colin that helps Anthony realize with absolute clarity that Anthony loves his wife. It’s simple enough: go home and tell your wife you love her; still, it hits Anthony in a profound, soul-level way that everything clicks into place for him. Don’t forget, this is also coming from a younger brother who wasn’t married or had experienced love like his yet.  Colin’s uncanny ability to read others gives him a unique perspective to drop simple, deep truth bombs. This would not be the last time Colin would speak into a brother’s love life; but in this case, he earns respect from his brothers and helps save a marriage.

#4 Colin’s Sacrifice for Benedict’s Happiness

New book, same Colin Bridgerton. At the Bridgerton masquerade ball in An Offer From a Gentlemen, Benedict Bridgerton meets the love of his life: her, the lady in silver, a Miss Sophie Beckett in disguise. As he is whisking her away for some privacy, Colin interrupts in true younger brother fashion. (Again, Colin coming in with a cockblock!) He pulls out all the charm for Benedict’s mystery woman, including asking her if she would marry Benedict. Colin obviously senses the sparks between Benedict and the lady in silver and departs quickly to face the wolves of the ball. It’s a shorter scene with Colin but still significant. His sacrifice to face the ambitious mamas of the ton in order to give his brother the privacy he needs is the mark of a great brother.

#5 Colin Helps Benedict Come to His Senses About Sophie

Do you recall when I mentioned it takes the Bridgerton men a long time to figure simple things out? This time it’s Benedict who is in need of tough love from his younger brother. He and Colin go off to take their sticks out (I mean, fencing) where the topic of women comes up. Benedict is in a bad mood because he found out Sophie’s secret and he’s still mad that she didn’t tell him that she was his lady in silver. Colin is perceptive to notice how much Benedict has fallen for Sophie, so he point blank asks his brother why he hasn’t married her yet.

Remember, this is Colin, the same brother who inadvertently hurt Penelope’s feelings after proclaiming he would not marry her a couple weeks prior. Colin, who broke the heart of a woman who had been in love with him for years, a fact everyone else knew but him. He was in no position to be handing out advice on love after wounding someone so deeply. Yet, Colin cares about his brother and sees the answer to Benedict’s predicament so clearly. Benedict proceeds to confide Sophie’s secret to him. In sharing this with his brother, he realizes that it doesn’t matter what Sophie’s social status is; he loves her. Even as Benedict leaves Colin to go find his lady, he takes note how much Colin has grown up, has become wiser, and is ready to take more responsibility. Colin still has a ways to go himself; after all, he just broke his future wife’s heart; but it’s here we see the man Colin Bridgerton will become, one his brothers are taking notice of and taking more seriously.

In conclusion, Colin Bridgerton is a chaotic idiot who helps guide his brothers on their paths to love, thus making him the MVP of Bridgerton, and I will forever love him for it.

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