Music Monday: ‘Jungle Cruise’ (Original Score) by James Newton Howard

Key Art for Jungle Cruise Original Score by James Newton Howard
Source: Disney

Jungle Cruise is officially out in theaters and on Disney Plus with Premiere Access, and we’re obsessed.

James Newton Howard’s original score for Disney‘s latest film is an adventurous joyride that contributes to the film in breathtaking fashion. Fun fact, the Lady Geeks went on a road trip this past week after watching the film, and we had the score on replay while driving through the trees. It was a whole mood, okay? A whole mood. You gotta set the scene, right?

The original score contains 27 tracks and has a running time of 1 hour and 12 minutes. It is both exhilarating and heartwarming and undoubtedly full of more than one track listeners will adore.

Jungle Cruise’s original score is a beautiful albeit at times ridiculously dramatic treasure. And a two-part track in particular is a downright masterpiece. Both versions of “Nothing Else Matters” featuring Metallica are so stunning, they feel like the perfect kind of escapism topped with the sort of magical bliss only music can evoke.

There is a sort of melancholy nostalgia to Jungle Cruise’s original score that almost touches on the fact that nature is so prevalent to us all, that though this is a film, the real escapism is tied to our very own awe of the world around us. I could listen to both versions of “Nothing Else Matters” on replay for hours. (We all could.)

Some other memorable tracks include: “Trader Sam,” “I Built a Boat,” “Underwater Puzzle,” “Petal Negotiations,” and the utter joy cobbled with bewitching magic that is the “Jungle Cruise Suite.”

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There are some comparisons being drawn to films like The Mummy and Pirates of the Caribbean, and where the score is concerned, dare I say, this one might be my favorite so far.

Listen to the Jungle Cruise original score and tell us which tracks are your favorites.

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