This Week’s Most Noteworthy Performance: Toheeb Jimoh

August 1-7
“Do the Right-est Thing” | Ted Lasso
Toheeb Jimoh

Toheeb Jimoh in Ted Lasso's "Do the Right-est Thing"
Source: Apple TV+

Toheeb Jimoh is utter sunshine with his hundred-watt smile on Apple TV’s Ted Lasso, and in this season so far, the series is giving the actor more opportunities to beam. “Do the Right-est Thing” in myriad ways is Sam Obisanya’s episode.

The buildup to giving us more depth to his character has been brewing from day one, and in this episode, we get it all. Where in “Lavender,” we learn just how safe his father feels knowing he is in good hands with Ted, in this episode, we get insight into just how much Sam cares to make his parents proud.

And through every moment, Toheeb Jimoh brought front and center a full range of captivating emotions. From the instant his reservations toward Jamie started showing, to the end where he called everyone in for the photo with Nora, Jimoh was bringing his A-game in embodying the character down to the t.


It was especially compelling to watch Sam decide to block out the Dubai Air on their jersey because as the camera pans from the photo of his parents to the small mirror where we see his face, Jimoh lets us see everything that is happening within the character. That is the scene where you can pinpoint the exact moment where Sam makes his decision and just how much it matters because Jimoh’s sincerity is utterly palpable.

You could feel every ounce of his excitement in the beginning, the uncertainties on the field, the reservations in the locker room, and the shift in confidence during the press conference. Jimoh held his own brilliantly throughout the entirety of the episode’s run, and through seamless shifts in his expression, he was speaking even when he would say nothing.

Do the Right-est Thing” is as much about football as it is about humanity and making tough choices. It was about the real world, and it’s an episode that’ll always matter in more ways than one.

Jimoh is so brilliantly subtle at times throughout the episode it is a marvel to witness, and then where need be, he beams with the kind of energy that is undoubtedly infectious. In short, the world needed more Sam Obisanya, and I’m glad we’re getting it. Toheeb Jimoh is a remarkable performer, and this episode essentially proves that there is nothing and no emotion he cannot master.

Let’s be honest in admitting that we were all Nora this week with our crush on him.

The events from this episode are based on real occurrences in the world today. For more information on the Niger Delta Negligence, visit:


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