‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 is Finally Premiering in 2022

The cast of Stranger Things in a brand new sneak peak from season four
Source: Netflix via YouTube Screencap

Stranger Things season four is almost here. We (still) don’t know when, but at least we have confirmation that it is officially happening in 2022. Don’t think about the fact that the last time we were in Hawkins was in 2019. It’s been two whole years (maybe even longer depending on when exactly four is released).

In a brand new teaser sneak peek, the official accounts have confirmed that the show’s new season is almost here and we even got a few brand new shots.

When we left the world of Hawkins behind, Hopper was presumed dead and Joyce took Will and Eleven out of the town to start over. Star Court Mall was a monstrous location and the Scoop Troop reunited with all the other troops.

Basically, there are a few things in season four I would love to see and number one, everyone back together. Number two, Joyce/Hopper (aka Jopper) canon date night, and most importantly, all the character development they have to offer.

We know the stakes are higher this time around because bosses have confirmed that the season is likely to be darker too. And you know what? Bring it. As much as I am a chicken, everyone and their mother knows Stranger Things is the only show I can handle without nightmares.

Stranger Things season four is almost here, which also means if it is not the show’s final season, I am really hoping season five is filmed consecutively because I’d rather not have a time jump (especially as the younger actors no longer look like they can play middle schoolers).

Additionally, as everyone who isn’t new to Marvelous Geeks knows, I will always prefer quality over quantity, and therefore, I really hope season five (if not season four) is the end of the series. I will always rather have a show I can rewatch forever than one that declines in quality because the story is dragged on in favor of popularity.

That said, confirmation is nice and watch the sneak peek below and come scream with me.

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