Blindspotting “Ghost Dad” Review: Unbeatable Partnership

Blindspotting “Ghost Dad” Spoilers Ahead

Ashley Rose and Miles Turner in Blindspotting's "Ghost Dad."
Source: Starz

Week after week Blindspotting continues to be one of the most riveting series on our screens, and this week’s episode “Ghost Dad” is no exception. I don’t even want to say it’s my favorite so far because knowing this show, next week’s will surely top it. But in every way, “Ghost Dad” is the episode I have not been able to stop thinking about. It was masterful from start to finish, full of captivating performances left and right, and cobbled with so much innocence, it nearly broke me.

It targeted the episode’s thematic angle, learning to love the grey beautifully and it did so with moments so potent, you could watch the scenes without any context and still feel every ounce of the emotions that were projected. If I wasn’t already watching the show, and I saw the screencap of Miles and Ashley in front of the sunset with the words, “I just miss you. That’s all. You’re my person,” that would have been my cue to start watching.

There’s a plethora of weight to every conversation that Ashley has with Miles’ ghost before telling Sean about his whereabouts, but that final moment is everything that’s brilliantly telling about what love really is. On a show that’s so understandably mature and dark at times, this moment was so unbearably soft and innocent, it was gut-wrenching.

Miles and Ashley by the sunset in Blindspotting's "Ghost Dad" exclusively on Starz
Source: Starz

Jasmine Cephas Jones and Rafael Casal have such exquisite chemistry that their vulnerability through intricate circumstances such as this is incredibly palpable. It was easy to lose yourself in the idea that Miles and Ashley were really in the same place because their adoration has been cemented as the forever kind so keenly, you felt every ounce of their emotions. Miles’ as well because we know just how profoundly Ashley understands him.

At the end of the day, no matter how old anyone gets or how much seemingly wiser, it isn’t easy having tough conversations alone. It isn’t easy going through life without your person by your side. And it’s so deeply human to admit something so simple like just how much you miss someone.

Blindspotting is Ashley Rose’s story, but missing Miles is a huge part of the darkness she endures. And part of learning to love the greys equates to admitting to yourself exactly what you’re feeling. Miles might not be here physically, but saying those words aloud are the very catharsis she needed to pluck up the courage necessary to talk to Sean. This is something that’s new to her too—it’s something she also needs to figure out how to navigate through, and this quiet reflection with herself was both emblematic of her truth and their adoration.

It’s a moment of vulnerability that allows Ashley to also grasp just how compelling their love is because it’s something worth missing. Miles is worth missing—this battle is worth fighting through it. Their love has always been worthy, but to see it sealed in the sunset through an enigmatic moment with a colossally lasting impact was utterly breathtaking.

It’s hard to tell Sean the truth because Miles loves him deeply and their family doesn’t deserve this. Perhaps it’d be easier if he were a terrible person. Perhaps it’d be easier if their partnership wasn’t so captivating. Perhaps it’d be easier if he wasn’t someone Miles would also miss. (My heart shattered at, “but he’ll miss my birthday!”)

Ultimately, “Ghost Dad” served as proof of the fact that Miles and Ashley will be okay. Their little family will be okay.

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