Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Final Trailer is Here and We’re All Very Much Crying

Brooklyn Nine-Nine's final season promo shot exclusively on NBC
Source: Twitter

Brooklyn Nine Nine’s final season trailer is here and we’re very much crying all the tears. Jake Peralta included, he isn’t ready to say goodbye either. I recently finished my rewatch of the entire series to prepare for the final season, and in an unsurprising turn of events, I’m even more emotional than when we learned the eighth season would be the last.

Procedurals are no longer genres I could sit through, but Brooklyn Nine-Nine was always different, it was the paradigm of what these shows should be and how they should reflect the real world. Will the final season address the horrific police brutality from the past few years? The trailer doesn’t show us any of that, but then again, they shouldn’t be revealing too much anyway. Personally, I’m hoping they do because if there is any show I trust to do the significance justice, it’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

The final season trailer is ultimately an homage to one last ride à la Marvel Cinematic Universe style. In its seven season run, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has effortlessly been one of the smartest, funniest, and most celebratory pieces of fiction to grace our screens, and I don’t doubt for a second that its final ride will be just as extraordinary, if not better.

As I’ve said before: Brooklyn Nine-Nine paved the road for balance in workplace comedies by always being hilarious without ever being offensive. The series mastered this balance effortlessly—the world hasn’t gotten too sensitive, we have gotten smarter, better, and demanding comedy to be funny without being offensive isn’t being sensitive, it’s being a good person. It’s being, (Captain Holt voice) awake otherwise, everything is garbage.

The final season trailer promises humor, heart, and a whole lot of tears because when a show is this good, it is never easy to say goodbye. Some of the best friendships on television are featured on this show. One of the best love stories in comedy. And without question, some of the most riveting, complex characters who will go down in history.

Also, will this 99vengers* theme be available on Spotify? Because I need it.
*Yes, that’s what I’m calling them until further notice.

Watch the trailer below and come cry with me.

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