Music Monday: ‘Loki’ Soundtrack: Vol 1 and 2 by Natalie Holt

Loki Soundtrack composed by Natalie Holt volume one and two key art.

Let it be known, that while I was at Walt Disney World, on my first vacation since the beginning of the pandemic, I woke up on July 2nd excited to finally get my hands virtually on the Loki soundtrack. I’m home now for the release of the second volume and, I’ve listened to the two volumes all day.

The music Natalie Holt has created for Loki perfectly fits the crazy, retro, sci-fi tone of this show. I love how Holt has weaved in the ticking of a clock in multiple tracks. Again, perfect for this time-traveling adventure. Also, amazing that she brought in traditional Norwegian instruments,  the Hardanger fiddle, and stringed nyckelharpa. I love that element and the reference to his past and culture. The mix of this futuristic-like score with traditional Norwegian instruments, and the ticking of a clock shouldn’t work, but when composed so masterfully like in the Loki soundtrack, it does. And it is glorious.

When I first heard “TVA” at the end credits for the first episode I was blown away! And then rewound the credits… And then listened to it quite a bit on youtube until it was released as a single. Listen, it is epic.

And then there is “Glorious Purpose” which tugs at my heart while we watch Loki catch up on his life. Every time I hear this track, I see this scene.

On the other side of the emotional spectrum, “Alligator Bite,” especially the end of it, is so crazy and fun. Listening to it feels like I should be on a ride in Tomorrowland (I’m sorry, Disney is still fresh on my mind).

Richard Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries” makes a guest appearance in “Classic Builds” which had me all giddy. To have that nod to the Asgardian heroes in Loki’s story accented his character development beautifully in a scene showing the different Lokis working together for the right cause.

And how can I not mention “Very Full.” Tom Hiddleston singing in the show, and then included it on the soundtrack. I would never have expected this, never would have thought to ask for this, and I am so grateful for it. It’s such great fun!

The entirety of these two volumes in the Loki soundtrack as one score is an epic adventure, a perfect companion to an epic, fun adventure of a show. Thank you for releasing two volumes, I know of a few shows that need longer soundtracks, thank you for not adding to that list. When this show comes back, I really hope musical goddess Natalie Holt is back with it with another new masterpiece of a soundtrack for the God of Mischief.

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Listen to the Loki soundtracks and share with us your favorite!

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