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‘Ted Lasso’s’ Season Two Premiere is Aces

Source: Apple TV+

When the Ted Lasso trailer promised that kindness was making a comeback, they delivered. (Did we ever doubt they would?) The season two premiere, “Goodbye Earl” is aces and while there will be no spoilers until the glorious premiere on July 23, I’m here to say that it’s everything and more. It’s worth the wait. I promise.

We are always right to trust that this show cares about its characters and the story it wants to tell. That’s proven in the season two premiere.

Ted Lasso is a show about found families. (No offense to the Fast and Furious franchise, but this family is coming for the crown.) This show is a love letter to the underdogs, a love letter to the lost, the broken, and the curious. This a show that ended its final season with the kind of hopeful sadness no other show has mastered, and in its season two premiere, it’s time to pick up the puzzle pieces and start putting them together.

The jagged edges first, the bits and pieces in the middle with specific focus, and then everything in between to find the kind of fulfillment that was always promised. There is a new face in town through Sarah Niles’ Sharon and she’s here to strengthen this team even more. Much like almost every character on this show, she’s probably going to make us cry at some point, too.

Ted Lasso’s season two premiere sets the games up intricately, and the emotional beats are met with every kick and every conversation. Cristo Fernández gets to shine with exquisite focus in this particular episode as Dani Rojas and most effortlessly, he reminds us all why football is in fact, life.

Source: Apple TV+

While we can’t say much more because everyone deserves to go into the premiere spoiler free, how about we propose a 10-day season one countdown instead? That’s right, starting tomorrow, we’ll be counting down to the season two premiere with a review of season one every day. This is bound to make the wait easier, right?

Join us back here for coverage of every episode because we’re going to have a lot to say.

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