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Marvel’s ‘What If…?’ Trailer is Here and Captain Carter is Coming

A screenshot of Peggy Carter as Captain Carter in Marvel's trailer for What If...exclusively on Disney Plus.
Screenshot from Official Trailer ©Marvel Studios 2021

Marvel’s What If… trailer is here and we can’t stay calm because Captain Peggy Carter is coming! There is a lot that happens in the trailer, but chills, tears, all the emotions because the what if concept exploring Peggy Carter as Captain America (England?) is everything to me.

Hayley Atwell will be reprising her role as the S.S.R. agent turned founder of S.H.I.E.L.D. except this time, instead of Steve Rogers taking the soldier serum and the vibranium made shield, it will be Peggy Carter.

Marvel’s What If… has always sounded like a riveting concept, but seeing the actual trailer and having a glimpse of what the animated feature will look like already has me beaming like a kid who’s just been told she is going to Disneyland for the first time.

The Guardians of the Galaxy as the original Avengers? T’Challa as a Ravager? Zombie superheroes? Wait what? Original actors will be reprising their roles as their respective characters including the late Chadwick Boseman.

What If… is enough to cause a major buzz because not only does it get to play around with what we know, but it gives more people the opportunity to see themselves as superheroes. In this case, girls will be given the chance to see themselves as Captain Carter and that’s a pretty big deal especially if your favorite character was Captain America. (Or if you’re me and you want the best for Peggy Carter.)

Marvel films are always stunning and the animated feature trailer is already giving us such gorgeous scenes, I’m itching to see what else we’ll get. For starters, just look at the picture we were able to screenshot. Is it not the most beautiful? It is. It really is.

What If… premieres Wednesday August 11 exclusively on Disney Plus. Watch the trailer below and come scream with us about all the possibilities.

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