Music Monday: ‘Love and Lies’ by Anthony Ramos

Love and Lies, Anthony Ramos' album cover

In an unsurprising turn of events, Anthony Ramos’ latest album Love and Lies is going to be on replay all summer here at Marvelous Geeks. And I’m sure we are not the only ones who feel this way. It’s a hit is what it is.

Love and Lies features 12 songs and they are each so ridiculously catchy, it is just the kind of summer album. But also, who else just has Anthony Ramos on replay between this and the In the Heights original soundtrack?

While all 12 of the songs are fantastic, my current favorites on a loop are on: “Échale,” “Love and Lies,” “In the Night,” “Say Less,” Right Now,” “Control,” and “Masterpiece.”

Ramos’ latest album is lyrically catchy (and super sexy, if we are being honest), but the beats, friends. The melody for each and every song is so damn stunning, it is everything with an album that is also so appropriate for the season.

And then there is the intimacy of the lyrics, especially for “In the Night,” which is fanfiction galore, am I right, or am I right? If a song paints a gorgeous picture of intimacy, then hi, yes, I’m here for it. It is the little things, it really is.

Anyway, it is Anthony Ramos’ summer and we aren’t mad about it. We are very much actually here for it.

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Listen to Anthony Ramos’ Love and Lies below and tell us which songs are your favorite.

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