Music Monday: ‘Luca’ (Original Score) by Dan Romer

Luca original score by Dan Romer cover art.

Pixar’s Luca is Disney’s latest release, and with a new animated film comes an incredibly stunning original score composed by Dan Romer.

The original score contains 30 new tracks and runs a little over an hour.

Luca’s score feels so appropriate for the summer heat and unsurprisingly, touches on the Disney magic brilliantly. If you are anything like us and you play original scores, including park themes, all over the house, then this is one of the scores that will be on a loop too.

Some of our favorites include “Buonanotte, Boys,” “The Sea Monster,” and “I Wish I Could Take it Back.” There is something beautifully down to earth and whimsical about the Luca score, and that just might be the reason we love it so much.

It is transportive, gorgeous, and it ends as magically as it begins. While “Meet Luca” starts the score, “Go Find Out for Me” concludes it, and both work wondrously in connecting all the pieces together.

There is also “The Curious Fish,” which was immediately so easy to listen to and replay in its quiet magic. In true Disney fashion, the original score serves as an escape, an adventure, and a wondrous melodic form of storytelling. An original score is everything to a film and with Disney especially, it is always part of the bigger picture. It is part of the excitement. It is part of the magic.

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Listen to the Luca score below and tell us what tracks are on your list of favorites! Pixar’s Luca is also now available exclusively on Disney Plus, and it is a beautiful animated feature worthy of watching more than once. If you are here, but you have yet to see the feature, what on earth are you waiting for? Go go go!

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