Edmund Bridgerton is Here and We’re Already Emotionally Wrecked

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Us, crying over Bridgerton casting news again? No, never. Not us. Narrator: They are in fact, crying about it. No, but really you know what this means? We are likely getting The Viscount Who Loved Me’s prologue or some version of it, and that alone has us wrecked. Rupert Evans, a period drama vet willing be starring as our very own Edmund Bridgerton. I mean, that description alone is enough to ruin us: “Edmund Bridgerton is a loving and devoted husband, whose true love match with Violet Bridgerton gave them eight perfect children. He’s also an endlessly patient and kind father, who takes special pride in guiding his eldest son Anthony through life.”

You see why we’re a puddle full of emotions now, right? While we don’t know if Rupert Evans will also be playing Edmund Bridgerton in the Queen Charlotte series that will also feature Violet, it’s still nice to be able to put a face to the name for the second season.

It’s also unfathomable and uncanny how this casting department continues to outdo itself with actors who resemble one another so acutely. There has to be a scientific explanation for how effortlessly they all resemble each other. Were they all carefully designed by God to eventually play this prolific family and that’s the explanation…or? Bottom line is, this is wild. And we can’t wait to see how alike their mannerisms are, too when we finally get to see the second season. 

Will we just see Rupert Evans in the prologue or will we get some sort of dream version of Edmund appearing to Anthony? Will the series still keep Edmund’s death accurate to the book, including the detail that it was Eloise who was with him? We sure hope so. Are we going to see an infant and teenage version of Anthony too? Let’s hope. Please and thank you. 

Can we also get some sort of a flashback to Edmund and Violet dancing together? After her conversation with Daphne in the season one finale, we need to see this. We’ll sob through it obviously, and it’ll hurt, but we need it. Regardless, we’re stoked for this casting announcement and we might almost be done. Perhaps we’ll get younger Violet soon and younger versions of the kids, which really, we aren’t ready for, but bring it. Sometimes, romance ends with forever, other times, it’s dark and heartbreaking with the light coming from the birth of a little girl named Hyacinth.

Edmund Bridgerton, though a character we don’t physically see often, is an integral part of this story and the Bridgerton family. He’s a presence all throughout, and for Anthony Bridgerton, so much of his growth is dependent on working through the trauma his father’s death left him with. And writing about it when the time comes is surely going to require a lot of tissues.

We’ve got casting for the Sharma family and renewals for season three and four, so bring on more Bridgerton because we could never have too much of it.

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