Ben Barnes is the Favored Fan Cast for a Myriad of Roles

Ben Barnes fan cast
Photo Sources: Ben Barnes’ Instagram

Ben Barnes might Shadow and Bone’s Darkling/General Kirigan/Black Heretic right now, but before he got there, the actor was one of the biggest fan casts for the role on sites like Tumblr and Twitter. But today, we just want Barnes in everything. Barnes’ range as an actor is top-notch. While so many grew up with him as Prince Caspian in the Chronicles of Narnia films, others know him from roles like Westworld or The Punisher. But the latest internet buzz, pun intended, is Ben Barnes is young Edmund Bridgerton.

The latest announcements in ton tell us that Queen Charlotte is getting her own spin-off limited series featuring young Lady Danbury and Violet, too, and we’re here to say we’re fully on board. We’re also here to say that if this means we’ll see the former viscount courting his viscountess then bring on Ben Barnes for the role. No, seriously—people want it, we’re not the only ones.

Just look up “Ben Barnes as Edmund Bridgerton” on Twitter. It’s never ending at this point. Fans have also been discussing the idea of Barnes joining in on the new season of Sanditon, and yes, we’ll take that too. Should his schedule allow, please and thank you.

The most important detail here is that Ben Barnes understands the assignment. That’s it, that’s what matters. If he’s playing the villain, he’s going to bring everything he has while he digs deep into every little motive behind the actions. Whatever is asked from him, Barnes will go above and beyond to embody to role exceptionally. That said, if he were to play the romantic hero heartthrob, good lord, are we even prepared for what that’ll do to all our hearts? We are not, but it’s what we deserve. The world deserves more romance, and the world deserves actors who care to embody whatever character they’re playing. And Ben Barnes is one of those actors. It’s why he’s everyone’s favorite fan cast for everything. I’ve personally fan cast him as Ethan Ransom when I was reading Lisa Kleypas’ Hello Stranger from the Ravenels series.

Barnes is good at playing villains and complex, multifaceted characters, but he should get to play the good guy with layers, too. Netflix, make it happen. Ben Barnes as Edmund Bridgerton–let’s do it. There are countless people asking for it, we’re not the only ones. But if that doesn’t work out, Ben Barnes in as the romantic lead from any other romance novel. Yes? Yes.

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  1. He truly is the embodiement of understanding the assignement and I’m gonna NEED someone to cast him as a complex romantic male lead in a show before I snap, he will bring you so much money just do it.

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