Music Monday: “Heat Waves” by Glass Animals

Heat Waves cover by Glass Animals

I’d like to start this off by formally apologizing to all my neighbors and my family because I’ve had three versions of this song circulating on replay for about three months now. Actually, never mind, I’m not sorry. You’re all welcome. You’d think I’d be sick of it by now, you’d think maybe after a week or two I’d think: “okay, that’s enough,” but nope, I’m still listening to it. (Right now as I type this, too.)

Glass Animals’ “Heat Waves” is a BOP. The best part? There are three versions. There’s the original, which is the bopiest bop of them all (and may or may not be in my Kate and Anthony playlist). Then there’s the remix with iann dior (again, this one may or may not be in my Kaz and Inej playlist). And finally the stripped back version, which isn’t featured in any playlist, but chef’s kiss regardless because it’s beautiful. Oof, you think the original/remix are good and then the stripped version comes in to completely knock you off your feet.

Do I wait for the bass to drop every time? Absolutely. It’s what you should also be doing while listening too. “Sometimes all I think about is you. Late nights in the middle of June.” WHY DOES IT HIT SO HARD? I don’t know. “You look so broken when you cry.” Oof, I’m fine. Totally fine. All good. The melody is stunning and the lyrics are just too damn good. Perfect songs do in fact exist.

We’ve got you covered with links to all three on Spotify here. Listen and cry about it with us.

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