‘Sanditon’ is Returning for Seasons Two and Three


It’s official! Sanditon is returning for seasons two and three. Charlotte Heywood will be returning to the seaside resort where her heart once broke and hopefully, this time, she’ll get the happiness that she deserves.

The announcement was made earlier this morning on Twitter followed by an official statement by Red Planet TV, the company that had initially cancelled the series. And we’d be remiss not to mention the coincidence of the renewal. After the success of Bridgerton and the four season renewal, are network executives finally understanding the importance of happy endings and the detail that no one wants to see a sad ending? The fans have been campaigning for months on end, but it finally feels like higher ups are also seeing the vitality in love stories. Did they finally figure out the crucial detail that the kind of ending they’d originally had completely insults Jane Austen and her legacy as an inspiration to happy endings? Regardless, romance isn’t going anywhere and we’re thrilled about it.

As a genre, romance continues to prove that it’s successful on the market because after a year like the one we’ve all had with the pandemic, companionship and people in our corner is a good thing. A happy ending is a beautiful thing, it isn’t overdone or less edgy, it’s incredible, bold, and powerfully moving in anyway.

According to Red Planet TV, further casting has yet to be announced. We know that Rose William will be returning as Charlotte Heywood, but we’re confident about the rest too. (We’ll keep you all updated as best ewe can here.) This has clearly been a collaborative effort with fans refusing to give up on the series and tirelessly doing all that is in their power to give it the renewal that it deserves.

As we’ve said before: Sanditon is a series we’ve covered diligently here at Marvelous Geeks, and it’s a series we plan to continue to praise. But we’re not the only ones who’ve been impressed by Andrew Davies’ adaptation of the legendary Jane Austen’s unfinished novel. The New York Times named it one of their “50 Shows to Watch.” Oprah Magazine called Sanditon in the “Best Period Dramas to Watch for an Escape.” Vogue UK named it one of the “Best Dramas Currently on Air.” USA Today described it as “One of the Best Jane Austen Adaptations Ever Made.” (We’ll stand by this claim firmly. It is, without question in the top three adaptations, and given a second season, we could see it becoming number one.)

As lifelong fans of Jane Austen, all of us here at Marvelous Geeks have adored Sanditon since day one. And we’ll continue covering the series episode by episode when it returns.


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