Music Monday: ‘Shadow and Bone’ (Original Score) by Joseph Trapanese and The Budapest Art Orchestra

Shadow and Bone’s original score is packed with a lot dig into. I wouldn’t know where to begin even if I was told where to begin. My one complaint, I wish parts of were split up and longer because I’ve got so many parts that are my favorite bits, I want to listen to those moments on a loop until the end of time.

Shadow and Bone‘s original score is a showstopper with tracks so aching and so intricately balanced with high stake emotions and slow drawn, heart tugging strings that make for a masterful compilation.

Let’s break down “Royal Archives Heist” because it’s quite literally the first I noticed that led to an audible gasp because I thought to myself while watching the scene: “oh, sh!t the Crows are going to have an amazing theme aren’t they?” And that beginning playing almost every time there is on screen entrance slays my soul in all the right ways. Then cut to parts of the track playing during the actual heist? Perfection. Quite literally. It’s so much fun, I’d absolutely try incorporating this particular theme into my workouts.

Another particular favorite of mine is “Her Name is Alina Starkov” because truly, what a track for our leading lady and what a stunning, magically enamoring theme. The bits and pieces of this that are scattered throughout the episode contribute to making the scenes that much more entrancing.

“Erase the Past” and “Hope for the Future” both also have such an incredible warmth to them that really works to help set the stage.

“Ask the Saints” is a six minute treasure and somewhere midway, magic happens settling on the quiet end and it just might actually be the track I replay most along with “Helpful Goat.” It’s partly why the score is so iconic because even the goat gets a theme.

“Ravka” is stunning. I also have one too many feelings about “Just Ask” and “Shipwrecked.”

Basically, we’re just going to have the entire score on replay for a while and you should join us in doing so.

Listen to the Shadow and Bone original score below and share your favorites with us.

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