Scene Breakdown: Simon and Daphne Form an Attachment on Bridgerton’s “Diamond of the First Water”

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We know we’ve talked plenty about Bridgerton’s Simon and Daphne, but with the news that Regé-Jean Page won’t be returning for season two, we figured we’d do scene breakdowns for all their dances because that’s what everyone wants, right?

While we’ve already discussed our favorite, their first in “Shock and Delight” it’s now time to discuss what was actually their first real dance, and the moment we all knew that we’d love Simon and Daphne so much more than we did in The Duke and I. We’ve discussed bits of this in our full episode review of “Diamond of the First Water,” but it’s time to breakdown the scene further.

Cue Kris Bower’s “We Could Form an Attachment” and let’s all take a moment to appreciate this score before we get into the explosive scene. (Fireworks and all.) Simon proposing he and Daphne pretend they’re in a relationship in order to keep meddling society mothers away from him, and to thus deem her desirable in Whistledown’s column is an excellent start to the love story of the season.

The way Regé-Jean Page is already playing Simon’s unavailability is astounding and the way Phoebe Dynevor is touching on Daphne’s curiosity is a marvel to watch in this scene because it extends so beautifully throughout the season.

Simon’s voiceover kicking off the music as they are seen walking to the dance floor was stunning–the perfect way to complete an episode. And the jaw-dropping cinematography in that scene might have given us butterflies or two. Why weren’t we invited to Vauxhall? 

There is also everyone else’s reaction to that scene, especially Lady Danbury and Violet Bridgerton’s that were so fulfilling. We’re going to need them to meddle in our lives, too because both women know are too good for this society. And someone needs to check Anthony’s blood pressure in that moment, or rather all throughout the episode actually. But Lady Whistledown’s voiceover says it best: “it’s the most romantic coup of the season…” Concluding the episode with such a gorgeous ending sets up the rest of the season beautifully. If we were coming to this with no knowledge of the books, this would have sold it.

As far as first dances go on Bridgerton, this one is going to be hard to top, but we’ll trust the series to continue outdoing itself because while this is an enamoring first, we’ve already voiced that it’s their second, which is actually our favorite. But what’s so fascinating about this scene and the way that it works is that Simon and Daphne’s chemistry is so palpable, even if you had no clue they would be endgame, the way their bodies move in remarkable unison tells us that they are both aware of just how much the other’s presence is stirring within them. 

They are forming an attachment and sure, Simon actually told her to stare into her eyes to ensure that they appear madly in love, but it goes beyond that. It’s the way that gazing at each other is already easy. It’s the way that they’re able to move so effortlessly, perfectly in sync with the music, and appropriately dazed by the other’s presence. It’s an attachment, but we could all see right through them because prior to this they had each already been enticed by the other, riveted and dazzled, in awe and wondering just why the person they should not, and absolutely cannot be with, is so fascinating. 

Page and Dynevor are certainly exquisite actors, but Simon and Daphne are not—there is no way two people who aren’t actually enamored by the other could pretend so well and fool an entire ton into believing that there is something there if there isn’t. And that’s why it works, because in forming an attachment, they are actually forming a friendship. In forming a friendship, they are forming a love match. And through this dance, they are telling the audience of the fact that though their bodies are moving, their souls are the ones getting acquainted.

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