Kindness is Making a Comeback: ‘Ted Lasso’ Season 2 Premieres July 23

(Not that we ever really left Richmond. You know, seeing as how we keep writing scene breakdowns because we just can’t stop talking about this show.) And not only do we have an official premiere date for season two (July 23, 2021), we’ve got a trailer too that debuted today.

Watch the trailer below, take a few deep breaths, scream and cry “football is life” all over your house/office/wherever you are then let’s chat for a minute.


KINDNESS IS MAKING A COMEBACK. If this show isn’t number one on your “to watch” list, then that needs to be rectified immediately. Because seriously, folks–how many scene breakdowns do I have to do to prove that this is the one show you won’t be able to stop talking about? (Don’t challenge me because I’ll do it.) There are a lot of incredible things on TV right now, heck we rightfully love a lot of them, but Ted Lasso is special. It’s wholeheartedly, truly, and inimitably special.

What kind of a show teases its return with, for starters, an iconic song by Queen and second, the phrase “kindness is making a comeback.” Not many. Because that is what the essence of this show is about, it’s about kindness, it’s about humanity, and it’s about good people coming together to make a difference in small, but significant ways.

When we left the Richmond at the end of season one, they were sad, but together through their shared pain and judging by this trailer–they haven’t given up. (Not that we ever imagined they would.) The fight is still on. The effort will likely be unbeatable, and if the trailer has brought me to tears, then good Lord, I’m ready for season two to bring in all the tears and all the healing.

Because that’s what this show is about. It’s about kindness above all things, which is rewarding and healing in every way that it can be.

This is also a great time to state that I will be reviewing each episode in the new season along with more scene breakdowns and character deep dives.

You know what I do need? I need Apple to actually make some official merchandise because if I’m going to be watching my favorite fictional sports team on screen, I wanna rock their gear, too. Please and thanks.

Be sure to check back in for more scene breakdowns and we’ll see you all back again on July 23, 2021.


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