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Music Monday: ‘Miss Saigon’ 2014 (The Definitive Live Recording)

album cover of Miss Saigon live recording

Miss Saigon is one of the most beautiful stories, and you know what should be available but rarely ever is? Digital forms of purchasing Broadway Musicals. And yes I know that it defeats the purpose because it deserves to be seen in a theatre with a live audience, but we don’t always get the opportunity to catch shows and therefore after, we should be able to purchase it. 

My point in all this is that I just need the 25th Anniversary of 2014’s Miss Saigon production starring Eva Noblezada and Alistair Brammer to watch on a loop constantly. But since we can’t do that, we’ll talk about the original soundtrack and the fact that it’s one of the best musical soundtracks ever.

Whether it’s the opening “The Heat is On” or the final track “Little God of My Heart,” the 2014 Miss Saigon production is a masterpiece through and through. 

Brammer’s rendition of “Why God Why?” easily resorts us into tears, but then again, so does literally every single word from every single song that’s shared between Chris and Kim. The chemistry is explosive, but beyond that, Brammer and Noblezada’s voices together are magic. The performances are a masterful showcase of the adoration between the budding couple, but even if you have not seen the production, their voices alone are enough to sell the love beautifully.

While we all wish that ending was different, if you stop at certain songs, it doesn’t happen right? That said, “Sun and Moon”—let’s take a moment to scream about that perfection; the lyrics, the melody, the scene itself, and just how evocatively you can hear the passion. It’s so boldly palpable, I wept like a baby the first time I watched it.

Then finally, my absolute favorite number: “Last Night of the World.” If you don’t sing “played on a solo saxophone” loudly, how do you control not doing that? Because that line wrecks me every time, much like the number before, “The Wedding Ceremony,” which is so stunning, I can’t process it.

Seriously though, those lyrics? How does one listen without sobbing? Whether it’s the original Broadway cast recording with Lea Salonga, or this one, it’s a musical you can never go wrong with listening to over and over again. If you’ve never watched the live performance, it’s available through Prime’s Broadway subscription, if you have, join us in listening to the Miss Saigon 2014 soundtrack and crying about it all over again.

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