Where There’s A Celebration for Dolly Parton, That’s Where We’ll Be

Dolly Parton Musicares Tribute

Netflix’s Dolly Parton: A MusiCares Tribute is out now and the only problem is, it is 55 minutes too short, but then again, when Dolly Parton is involved, nothing is ever enough. And where there’s a celebration for Dolly Parton, that’s where we’ll be too. (Virtually in this case.)

The thing with Dolly Parton is that you don’t even have to love or care about country music to appreciate the queen. Or in Miley Cyrus’ words, everybody’s fairy godmother–because that is what Parton has always felt like. And with her ties to the Moderna vaccine, she feels even more like a fairy godmother today.

A MusiCares Tribute follows a number of artists celebrating the vivaciously remarkable woman whose utter kindness has been an absolute treasure in the music industry. When Dolly Parton talks, you listen. When Dolly Parton sings, you listen and likely cry. There aren’t many musicians who can be as legendary in a genre that is not entirely favorable. For instance, country music and I don’t go together and we have not in a very long time, but I’ll never hit next on a Dolly Parton song that comes on shuffle, that is an injustice in this world.

The tribute is short and sweet and a delightful little gem reminding us all of the facts that rightfully so, there are a great number of people who appreciate the force that is Dolly Parton. And in her acceptance, she reminds us of why we adore her through her humble beginnings that have led to an exquisite career followed by all the ways she has made an impact on the world.

Parton’s activism, generosity, and sincere kindness have easily been details about the star everyone knows of whether they are a fan or not. You know her signature style, her inimitable, beautifully captivating voice, and her stardom. We joke about this a lot, but truly, we would not trust someone if they did not at least respect Parton and all that she stands for. The woman is, in a myriad ways, the definition of an icon.

Dolly Parton is a reminder of the fact that in a world full of darkness, you can be a light solely by being a great person. Not many people genuinely feel like everybody’s fairy godmother, but Parton does because she ensures that her heart sincerely speaks for her at every turn. It’s easy to celebrate women like Dolly Parton because it’s easy to feel her warmth. And last week during Music Monday, we discussed the fact that she instantly made us love one of our favorite worship songs even more. The point is, we just have a lot of feelings about how awesome she is. That’s that.

So there’s that tea–it’s not Music Monday, but today, we celebrate the icon that is Dolly Parton by doing nothing but watching Netflix’s Dolly Parton: A MusiCares Tribute. Don’t tell your bosses we’re the ones who suggested it, but really, something tells us that even they’d agree that this is the better plan than work anyway.


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