‘LOKI’ Trailer is Here and We Have A Million Questions

key art for Disney Plus' Loki trailer
Source: Disney Plus

Yesterday Marvel dropped the new Black Widow trailer and today, we’ve got the Loki trailer, which is still two months too far away and we’re impatient. The best part of all this? We have no idea what is happening and judging by how well WandaVision handled our confusion with an incredible series, this oddly fills us with a strange sense of hope.

Loki stealing the tesseract, his one true love, has naturally screwed with time and they now need his help to restore everything. No, he does not get a weapon. No, he is not fully trusted. Yes, he is clearly still up to no good and no, we would not have it any other way.

Loki is 10 steps ahead of everyone, the master manipulator, and we ask again, what the heck is going on? Could this Loki possibly unite with Thor and rebuild their relationship? Could we possibly get the sun shining on the brothers again?

Here’s the thing though, Loki has stabbed people in the back more than 50 times, so we will not sit here with that inaccuracy, but anyway, he is promising he will never do it again and while we know better than to trust him, we trust him. We can’t help it.

There are a number of ways the series could go, a number of directions it could take and paths that can be crossed and we are here for all of it. We are especially here for potential growth for the character but even if it does not happen, the nonsense on a show like this, with a character like Loki would still make complete sense.

The series looks colorful, ridiculously hilarious, and jam packed with the type of adventures the Marvel universe is full of.

Loki also features Owen Wilson as Mobius M. Mobius, Erika Coleman as Florence Shaffner and a few other stars for whom we have no names yet.

Watch the trailer here then come tell us what you think is happening on Loki because we have no clue.

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