Bridgerton’s Sharma Sisters Are Here and We’re Already Obsessed

And that’s a wrap on casting speculations because Deadline finally announced who will be playing Bridgerton’s Edwina Sharma! We’ve only had Charithra Chandran for less than two hours but we’re ready for the Sharma sisters to dominate the series.

With Simone Ashley as Kate and now Chandran as Edwina, season two is going to be everything. 

We’ve just got one plea in all this—book canon changes are inevitable and we welcome them, but all that we ask is that the gorgeous dynamic and closeness between the sisters stays as is. Part of what makes The Viscount Who Loved Me so special is the fact this is a story about two sisters who love each other so deeply and so fiercely, there’s nothing they wouldn’t do for each other. And much like the Bridgertons, their loyalty to one another is unwavering. To see this bond on screen as is in the books (and perhaps even more), would undoubtedly mean so much to so many. 

Deadline also announced that Rupert Young (Merlin) will play a new character we’ve yet to meet in the books, and while we can’t even begin to speculate who he’d be, all our bets are pointing to perhaps the Featherington estate heir. Regardless, sign us up. The series excelled in bringing in fantastic new characters in its first season, so whoever Young is playing, we’re sure it’ll serve the story intricately and we’re ready.

April is off to a great start, hive–let’s go! What are you most excited with Bridgerton season two? On a scale of 1-10 how great does it feel to have faces for both Sharma sisters now?

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