Toss a Coin to the Newest Additions of ‘The Witcher’ Cast

Source: Twitter

Who doesn’t love exciting casting announcements full of familiar faces we adore!? We sure do. The Witcher twitter just dropped a plethora of new faces to the second season and to say that we’re excited is an understatement. It seems as though its been eons that the second season has been filming due to Covid-19 delays, but this news at least brings us one step closer to a release date and that’s getting us through right now.

The most important announcement is Adjoa Andoh who Bridgerton fans will recognize as the incomparable Lady Danbury, and we can already guarantee her character Nenneke will be a favorite of ours. It’s just facts–Andoh’s characters are always best.

A nurse who gives level-headed advice? Sounds about right. Sign us up.

Next up we have Cassie Clare, a theatre actress fans might recognize from a lot of incredible ensemble work. Clare will play Philippa Eilhart, a shapeshifter and that’s bound to be exciting given her chops as a performer.

Another known face around this neck of the woods is Outlander’s Graham McTavish who’ll be playing Dijkstra.

Next up is our very own Sir Phillip Crane actor Bridgerton’s Chris Fulton who’ll be playing Rience, a sadistic villain presumably and sign us up. To go from overgrown country mutton chops to villainy? We’re intrigued. Thoroughly intrigued.

And finally, we’ve got “Partners-in-crime — ostensibly, solving crime — Codringher and Fenn deal in the business of information: gathering, knowing, revealing, and even burying, for the right price.”

Are you as excited about the new faces as we are? Does this mean we can start counting down to the new season because we need them now. Check out the rest of the thread on Twitter!

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