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INTRODUCING: Relationship Deep Dive

Here we go! Romantic and platonic–there are so many incredible relationships on TV and in film that we can’t wait to dig deeper into and analyze the daylights out of. We’ve been having such a blast with Character Deep Dives that this will be just as joyous to do. If this last year taught us all one thing it’s that human beings are desperate for connections. No one was meant to be alone forever–whether it’s family or friends or a romantic partner, human connections matter and we’re going to talk about them. New and old.

However, the only difference between these and Character Deep Dives is that for the time being, they’ll be releasing biweekly on Wednesdays!

Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter what relationship deep dives you’d like to see from us and we’ll add it to what’s already looking like a never ending list.

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