Music Monday: ‘Pride and Prejudice’ (Original Score) Music by Dario Marianelli Performed by Jean-Yves Thibaudet

We’re back to discussing original scores with what might be the one score that sparked our obsession most easily. A 14-year-old middle schooler (me) watches this movie for the first time and is completely enamored beyond words by “Dawn,” which is still my favorite track of the list.

“Dawn” starts it all and it does so transcendently–it takes you away into a quiet world where people walk to place and horse drawn carriages are only for the elite. When it comes to Austen adaptations, I’m picky, but also I’m not. There’s something to appreciate about all the films, and this one especially has my favorite score. It’s the film that’s probably the most aesthetically pleasing–the most beautifully shot. It’s magic and it’s wonderful in a lot of ways but mainly in its execution–its world building and its unforgettable score.

I am constantly listening to original scores and this one always finds its way onto my Spotify wrapped every year because in my book at least, it’s as timeless as Austen’s story. It’s been over a decade and I could never get tired of it.

There’s also “End Credits,” which is magically encompassing and oh, so rewarding to conclude the score. There are a number of fantastic tracks, melodies within each that are beautifully moving.

Listen to the original score on Spotify and tell us what your favorite track is:

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