Lady Geeks’ Society Podcast | Episode X: ‘The Viscount Who Loved Me’

On this week’s episode of Lady Geeks’ Society Podcast, we’re back with the episode we’ve been itching to record, which is The Viscount Who Loved Me and most importantly, having a face to the iconic viscountess who’ll be played by none other than, Simone Ashley! We essentially breakdown the book and discuss the one scene we cannot sacrifice in the show. We put out some theories, we discuss favorite moments, but mainly, we just scream about how excited we are for this casting and discuss why this is our favorite book from the series.

Be forewarned, dear listeners, this episode is not spoiler free.

If you’d like a more written analysis, we’ve got a Scene by Scene Breakdown of The Viscount Who Loved Me too! |

Cover Art: Jenna Anne
Intro Music: Derek Murrell (

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