Music Monday: “Love Story” (Taylor’s Version) by Taylor Swift

“Love Story” has always been a special song. While Taylor Swift’s Fearless album isn’t a particular favorite of mine, a few of the tracks are undeniably wondrous. The music industry is flawed and terribly corrupt, we’re seeing all the ins and outs of it through Framing Britney Spears and we got a colossal glimpse of it through Swift’s inability to secure the rights to her own songs. (How? Are the white men in this industry going to continue to wait years in order to issue a typed out apology likely done by their PR team through social media?) Anyway, onto celebrating females who work hard and Taylor Swift is without question one of them.

You don’t have to love her, that’s fine, we’re not here to make anyone and everyone fans of her music, but respect needs to be placed on this woman’s name who’s working exceptionally hard through a pandemic and blessing so many of us with not one but two albums–folklore and evermore are both gems we’ll never stop singing praises for.

Source: Taylor Swift

And somehow, this version of “Love Story” feels even more magical. It feels even more like a love story–it’s easier to listen to, it’s captivating, and it’s just the kind of song that makes us all want to fall in love. We can’t wait for the additional songs and we can’t wait to get the heart behind the music–the stories Swift has always wanted to tell and believed in. Music is best with it’s truly authentic–truly untouched, and we’re going to get this version of Fearless soon. The whole story. The whole package. Bring it.

With these re-recordings happening, what song are you itching to hear? Mine is “Long Live.”

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