Scene Breakdown: Avasarala’s Speech in The Expanse’s “Nemesis Game”

The Expanse “Nemesis Game” Spoilers Ahead

Still from The Expanse's "Nemesis Game"
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In short, the entirety of The Expanse Season 5 dealt with separations, loss, and darkness, but we knew that the finale would deliver in the best way and it did so. “Nemesis Game” brought Naomi and Amos back home, and it brought all our favorites in the same room, thus reminding viewers that where there is a community, there is success.

It’s Holden and Avasarala discussing Naomi and the two of them looking back to smile at her. It’s Amos drinking alone for a moment with an empty chair we can be certain of what Alex would be at if he had not passed. It’s for him. It’s to him. And with no words, we could decipher that because the show’s use of quiet moments has easily shined like the most cosmic of rays. It’s Naomi and Holden in moments of casual intimacy that showcase sheer contentment in the other’s presence beautifully. It’s knowing they have all come a long way and they are better for it.

And though not in this exact scene, it is the reunion between Amos, Naomi, and Holden that was both heartwarming and entirely ridiculous with the way Clarissa (Peaches) is now introduced as a member of the group. Season six might be the last and the show may have just concluded its fifth season, but goodness do we miss it already.

There was not a single, small scene we aren’t reeling from and the joy in watching these characters interact again. From the moment Bobbie and Avasarala reunited to the moment she gave her speech about the power of their teamwork, we were wiping away tears left and right. (We’re emotional, okay. Let us be.) “This is how we win.”

Though the quiet moment of serenity is fleeting—it’s promising. It reminds viewers of the idea that one day, Earthers, Martians, and Belters can co-exist in harmony. Or at least as close to harmony as they can get. The kind of division that once worked is no longer necessary because good people exist, however complex they all are. And as we’ve always said here at Marvelous Geeks, part of the reason this show is so great is because of how complicated everyone is. No one’s path is linear and no two relationships are the same. But where there is a will to find solace and togetherness, that can be achieved. Amos doesn’t always have to put his feet down, but sometimes he will. The Roci is still and always will be an independent ship, but there are some fights they cannot stay away from. Sometimes the jumpsuits have to come off and the formal wear has to be donned. And that’s okay because that is how a team succeeds.

The people in this room have all had their fair share of turmoil and mishaps—they have all done things that could have been unforgivable, but in embracing complexities and choosing to love one another, they are the very strength that stands in Marcos’ way. And love is the very thing that could save Filip too even though he appears to be too far gone.

Shohreh Aghdashloo’s delivery of that line was the icing on top of a delicious space cake—she has been a star throughout the season, but this poise, this confidence and joy in being around people she cares for is positively unmatched. Avasarala is complicated–that is largely what makes her so compelling, but in this moment, you know for a fact that she cares immensely about every single person in this room (Bobbie mostly, as we all do), and there is nothing she would not do to win this fight in order to achieve the kind of peace they all deserve.

It’s a fleeting moment, but it’s transcendent, it’s evocative, and it’s a gorgeous reminder of the fact that these space misfits all deserve happier times.

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