Sesily Talbot’s Story is Finally Coming August 2021 in a New Book Series by Sarah MacLean

We have obviously discussed our love for the Bridgerton series and Julia Quinn’s novels in great length, but what we have not screamed about is our love for Sarah MacLean or her Scandal and Scoundrel series. (We’ll get there counting down to the new release!) But if you have yet to read Sarah MacLean’s historical romance novels, we are here to persuade you to rectify that stat because she has a new book coming–Bombshell.

The Rogue Not Taken, the first in its installment of the Scandal and Scoundrel series is one of my favorite historical romance books I’ve ever read. It is an exemplary piece of angst and romance that is effortless to dive into then you will want to immediately reread it. And somewhat like the prolific Bridgerton family, the Scandal and Scoundrel series has a different kind of family–the Soiled S’s. Seraphina (Sera), Sesily, Seleste, Seline and Sophie have a reputation and it’s not a good one, but the stories we do get are delicious and gorgeous.

The Rogue Not Taken focuses on Sophie and the Marquess of Eversley, but you will have to trust me when I tell you that it is pure magic–go into it unspoiled, not even sure what to expect and you’ll be dazzled then come back here for a breakdown coming soon. You’ll be entranced. I am an utter garbage dumpster fire for labyrinths and this book features one that is as enchanting as one would hope. P.S. if it ever becomes a film or a series, my personal fan cast for Sophie is Florence Pugh!

And then there is The Day of the Duchess, which focuses on Sera and redeeming her estranged husband Malcolm, the Duke of Haven. When you first meet Malcolm in The Rogue Not Taken, you will loathe him with a fire in your soul, but one of Sarah MacLean’s gifts as a writer is that no one does redemption as beautifully or as organically. Any time I meet a character I detest in her novels, it is likely that she will make me adore them at some point.

We don’t have a book for all the Soiled S’s, but we are finally getting Sesily’s and it is the one we have been itching for!

First, the fact that there will be a new series is exciting on its own, but knowing that the first one will focus on Sesily and Caleb, two people we got to meet in The Day of the Duchess is a thrill. Sesily is a force to be reckoned with, one of the most fascinating characters MacLean has written and thus her story is easy to care for. We will be counting down the day and hours until August 2021, and any glimpses we get into this series because we’d been wondering about it for a while now.

To keep yourselves busy until this release, be sure to check out Scandal and Scoundrel series and The Bareknuckle Bastards, too. MacLean is a stunning wordsmith and the two series are favorites thus far.

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