Nick Miller is a Trending Topic Again and We Support This Internet Obsession

Nick Miller in New Girl with the quote: 'guys please let me hate myself and everything I've created'

Nick Miller is a trending topic on the internet again and we’re here for it. So few things make sense even now that it’s a new year, but Nick’s random bouts of fame is not one of those things. We get it. Nick Miller is a whole mood. And I think we all collectively agree that even while we adored New Girl as it was airing, we somehow did not love it enough—we did not appreciate it enough. 

But that is part of what makes watching it over and over again so much fun is it not? At least for me, that’s what it is—the funniest thing about New Girl is that every time I rewatch, there are at least more than a few instances where I forget just how loud and boisterous this show is. Sometimes there is a lot of screaming, but again, I get it. I’m not even remotely pissed, it is a whole mood. And part of the reason is that it does not always make sense—it just is. 

There are a lot of moments that basically live rent-free in my mind, for instance, Schmidt yelling about why he can’t have the things that he wants and about youths. But also, and these days especially, it’s the quote above with Nick saying “let me hate myself and everything that I have created.”

One of the most relatable things about Nick Miller is just how accurate his struggle as a writer is. Whether you are an author or a journalist or a screenwriter, whatever may be, it is not always easy. A lot of times it can be really, really hard. And it is especially hard when you feel like the thing you are writing is not good enough. That somehow, it’s gibberish. That no one is going to understand it. That you’re wasting your time and that everything is garbage. It’s relatable. We get it, Miller—we really do. Mind if we join in on that train?

Is there anything he says that is not a mood and cannot be applied to something? No. No there is not.

It is trial and error and a lot of times it’s screaming into the void and at your friends about anything and everything. So when Nick Miller trends, we’ll always jump in. But … Ruth Bader Parekh Schmidt is still our favorite character on New Girl—there has never been a cooler child on the screen. Nick Miller is a close second.


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