Music Monday: ‘Emma’ 2020 (Original Score) by Isobel-Waller Bridge and David Schweitzer

Say what you will about Autumn de Wilde’s 2020 adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma, I personally adore it. (And Emma is my favorite Austen novel, so yes, I’m generally pickier, but this was enjoyable through and through.) Differing opinions are fine, we get why it is not everyone’s cup of tea, but we will not stand for any criticism towards Isobel-Waller Bridge and David Schweitzer’s exquisite original score for the film.

I proudly admit that the majority of these tracks were on my Spotify’s top played last year. Where, especially, are my Fleabag fans–this score is the perfect mix between overdramatically daring and utterly calming. It’s the perfect mix in a number of ways and for a number of moods. The operatic undertones give me life and take me higher. (Is that even the right way to say it? I don’t know we’re going with it.)

Do you ever just come home and need to strip from your jacket/pants whatever and just lay on the floor? (As Knightley does?) Because that’s a whole mood, and we support it–just as we support having this score on the background while you do so. I love every track, I genuinely do–it’s hard to skip with this one, but “Emma and Mr. Knightley (A Kiss Before They Wed) is the kind of gem we’ll never get over.

There’s also Johnny Flynn’s “Queen Bee,” which brings everything full circle beautifully through Flynn’s unmatched voice we could listen to for hours.

What’s your favorite track off of the Emma score?

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