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Music Monday: ‘Love Yourself / With My Heart’ by Sufjan Stevens

We were reminded of Sufjan Stevens’ gem of an EP earlier this week when a rewatch of Netflix’s Bridgerton featured the instrumental reprise and it’s all we have been listening to nonstop for a week now. Stevens initially wrote the EP in dedication to the LGBTQ community for Pride Month and did so with two beautifully timeless tracks that are absolute treasures. Rolling Stones covered the song much earlier quoting that “according to Stevens himself, the two full compositions were a sincere attempt to “write an upbeat and sincere love song without conflict, anxiety or self-deprecation.” A stunning song is one thing, but one that is written to celebrate a community? There are no words. The best 11 minutes you’ll spend this week is with this EP. Whether you’ve heard it or not, it’s worth replaying over and over again.

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