Season Two of ‘A Discovery of Witches’ is Bringing ‘Shadow of Night’ to Life Impressively

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Raise your hand if Shadow of Night is also your favorite book in the All-Souls trilogy–it’s certainly ours and we were already so thrilled by the series’ renewal that our expectations were high. And we’re happy to report that with what we’ve seen so far from season two, A Discovery of Witches is now even better than it was before.

While we are without question obsessed with the stunning coats Diana and Miriam were rocking last season since it served as inspiration for us in our own lives, Elizabethan fashion is working wonders in the second season and especially with Matthew. Not to get objective, but we’re here for it. We love nothing more than period pieces and Shadow of Night gives us just that with the time travel storyline allowing for the second season to do so as well.

We are two episodes into the series and we can confirm, without question, that we’re already certain this season is going to be better than the former. While so much was established then, it’s all more flushed out now, and the performers are showcasing their roles better than ever. As the relationship between Matthew and Diana has been strengthened now and representative of something so beautiful, the chemistry between Matthew Goode and Teresa Palmer has improved as well. And that’s a rarity with already established fictional couples, so we love to see it, plus we commend them for it.

New characters and old, the casting department has done an exceptional job with this show–all the characters we have seen so far, are already a delight. Even when they…aren’t. They contributing to what making the new season so gripping. The new set design is riveting, and the storyline is just as captivating as we would have hoped.

A Discovery of Witches is a show based on an incredibly detailed book series; so much of it can’t be translated on to screen, but that is often the case with adaptations, and thus far, the decisions made in season two are ones we are thrilled with. The heart of this series is the love story. It’s a series that focuses on two complex individuals attempting to navigate the harrowing world around them and their own love lives, their own identities, and their own powers. Season two will explore these as it will explore the nuances of the mythology. While we’re generally not the biggest fan of adaptations done in the past, when it comes to A Discovery of Witches, Harkness’ historian input makes for a carefully constructed series. That said, gird your loins, because season two is about to move viewers gorgeously.

A Discovery Witches premieres on Sky One January 8 and on Shudder/Sundance January 9.

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