Music Monday: ‘Bridgerton’ Season 1 (Original Score) by Kris Bowers

It’s a new year, but it’s the return of former categories. It’s about time we start talking about music again especially when in this house, original scores are our everything.

Is this not what everyone else has replay right now? We can’t be the only ones, right? It’s too good. I’m not someone who could listen to anything but instrumentals when writing so I’m always paying attention to film/TV scores for inspiration to add to my never-ending playlist on Spotify. Before Bridgerton even released, I was praying we’d get a great score too and well, that we did

But I’ll be perfectly honest, the first time I heard that we would be getting string covers of modern day songs, I was nervous and immediately displeased. How on earth are you going to put in Shawn Mendes’ “In My Blood” and Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams” among the others and imagine it to work. Celeste’s “Strange” I could see, the rest I was understandably nervous about. But imagine my surprise when it actually worked, and I’m now sitting her petitioning for John Legend’s “All of Me” to be featured in season two for Kate and Anthony. (Who do I need to get in contact with for this to happen?)

The original score is magic. I genuinely love each track so much, which is a rarity because there’s always at least one or two where I know I won’t be listening to again, but with Bridgerton–it’s magic. Kris Bowers did an exemplary job setting the tone and we’re already so eager for what we will hear next season.

But before we conclude, I need to take a moment to scream about “We Could Form An Attachment.” What a track. Chills–every damn time. I might eventually stop resorting into blubbering mess upon hearing it but today’s not that day. Today’s the day to talk about the fact that without this score, the scene with Daphne and Simon walking back into ballroom wouldn’t have been such a hit. It sets the scene, it heightens the emotions, and it sets my soul on fire. That’s that. What if I just … walk into my wedding with this song? Sounds like a great idea to me.

What’s your favorite track off of the Bridgerton score? What string version are you hoping we’ll get next season?

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