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January Premieres We’re Looking Forward to Most

Last year was fairly uneventful where TV was concerned. There are still so many favorites on hiatus due to the global pandemic and our screens feel much emptier. But with a new year comes new premieres, and we’re so jazzed to have to more things to talk about it. It has felt like a century.

The Rookie on ABC

Source: ABC

After a massive cliffhanger in the season two finale, ABC’s The Rookie will be returning Sunday, January 3, and we can’t wait! When we last saw Officer John Nolan, he’d just discovered that his mentor and dirty detective Nick Armstrong had framed him, planting evidence in Nolan’s home. The police procedural television series revolves around the LA police department as the 40-something John Nolan, the oldest rookie in his workplace, navigates the ranging duties as a police officer. While we’re curious to see what is in store for Nolan (and those Chenford/Tucy moments!), we’re also interested to see how the show will address the current social climate. Creator Alexi Hawley has stated that season three will be an opportunity to address real-world issues such as police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement, and the cast has expressed that it’s important for them to help spread the message that people don’t share the same experiences when it comes to police encounters. With its diverse cast paired with its dramatic storytelling, the season three premiere of The Rookie is a must-watch.

Premieres: January 3

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist on NBC

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This is the only show premiering in its second season that we have not actually started yet, but it is our next binge, without question. There is so much buzz about this incredibly unique show that we have a bit of fomo now. To be fair, we were only sleeping on it because of personal reasons, but we are ready to start and we are certain we are going to love it. Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist has an incredible cast and who doesn’t love musicals? Aren’t we all just constantly itching for musical episodes of our favorite shows? Well, this one has it all throughout.

Premieres: January 5

A Discovery of Witches on Skye/Shudder

Photo : Copyright © Simon Ridgway, 2019 | | | 07973 442527 | Caption : 15.08.19, A Discovery of Witches S2, Block1, Day 49. Ep 1. sc.1/24 – EXT. HART & CROWN – WATER LANE : MATTHEW & DIANA walking the busy street.

Shadow of Night is the favorite in the All-Souls Trilogy so you could imagine how excited we already were about this season. And while we can’t say much just yet, from the few episodes we have watched, season two of A Discovery of Witches is going to be even better than the first. Matthew and Diana have made it back in time, new friends, old friends, and a lot of beautifully intimate moments between the couple we all love will grace our screens. We’re not even close, but is it time for the wedding yet? There’s a reason the show took so long to return and it’s because a lot of work went into make it better and more beautiful. The costumes alone are enough to have us geek out.

Premieres: January 8

WandaVision on Disney Plus

Source: Disney Plus

We’re all somewhat very intrigued with this show but also a bit nervous to be frank. How will everything post Infinity War be handled in regards to Vision? Could we hope for some sort of real happy ending? Nevertheless, the comedic undertones of their relationship are going to be the best part of the series to watch. And the music–the trailer music is already a mood. We’ll be perfectly honest in admitting that we have a bit of superhero fatigue at the moment, so hopefully WandaVision is the balance we get.

Premieres: January 15

Miss Scarlet and the Duke on PBS

Source: PBS

Miss Scarlet and the Duke is going to be your next favorite TV binge. Trust us. PBS’ new period drama is an exciting little mystery full of exquisite banter that we can’t wait to see it air in the states. We’ll be covering the episodes weekly as they premiere on PBS, and we’re already so in love with this pairing. Who doesn’t love explosive banter with the grump and sunshine? We certainly do, and while there’s more to this show than romance, we are going to have a lot to discuss with the incredible writing that has happened.

Premieres: January 27

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