Disney’s ‘Soul’ is Pixar’s Best Film of the Year

official poster for Disney's Soul
Source: Disney

As the year 2020 comes to an end, I never thought I would be the one to be this excited to write a movie review. If there is one thing about me, my friends are usually the ones who recommend what television shows to stream and what movies to watch. However, there is one film in particular that really stood out in the crowd for me. The one film I’m telling everyone to watch is Disney’s Soul.

Disney’s Soul is hands down my favorite Pixar release of the year.

As a person who once dreamt of having a career in the music industry, I was already connected to the passion the main character Joe Gardner (Jamie Foxx) showed–a music teacher and an aspiring jazz musician.

At the beginning of the movie, he unexpectedly passes away the day he finally gets his big break. When he realizes what happened to him, he becomes determined to get back to his life. During his journey, he also gets assistance from an unborn soul who has yet to find her place to occupy a living body.

Throughout the film, great example of passion, especially towards one’s interest are shown boldly. From the beginning, Joe was actually offered a position where he could live comfortably (full time job, benefits, etc.) However, the main character shows that he didn’t want to settle, and this wasn’t about the money or the material things but rather doing something he loves. The movie also notes that even if you have gone through many disappointments and others may discourage you, never give up and take any chance you can to follow your dreams.

Disney’s Soul also gives a great perspective of the purpose of life. (As all Pixar films tend to.) There is a scene in particular where the characters walk through memories from when they were children to adulthood. In this scene, the main character, Joe realizes that he didn’t live his life to the fullest as he hoped so he desperately tries to find a way back. Whether you are young or old, this film definitely makes you realize that life is too short to not let it pass you by. 

There is so much more that I can also add to why I enjoyed this movie but of course, I wouldn’t want to spoil it! The way Pixar carried this animated feature was definitely a surprise since I didn’t know what to really expect. I adored it so much that it has been added to my list of favorite Pixar movies.

Overall, this film was definitely inspiring and heartwarming. If there was a movie I would have wished to watch in theatres, this would have been it. From the storytelling to the animation, Disney’s Soul is definitely a must-watch. 

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