Scene Breakdown: Din Rescues Grugu in The Mandalorian’s “The Rescue”

The Mandalorian “The Rescue” Spoilers Ahead

The Mandalorian "The Rescue" Chapter 16  Pedro Pascal and Temuera Morrison as The Mandalorian and Boba Fett
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If you’ve seen the season finale of The Mandalorian this week, chances are you’re still feeling the lingering aftereffects of the emotions you experienced while watching the episode. And boy, did we experience a full range of them. No doubt one of the biggest moments of the finale was the appearance of Luke Skywalker, who’s heroic arrival led Star Wars fans into an emotional frenzy, understandably so. After all, this was the Luke Skywalker many (myself included) had hoped to encounter on the movie screen when Disney had announced its plans for the sequel trilogy. But before viewers were aware of Luke Skywalker’s badass entrance or that Din Djarin now wields the Darksaber, they were looking forward to the reunion between The Mandalorian and The Child Grogu, the latter who had been absent all of Chapter 15. While Papa Mandalorian was able to rescue his child companion, the reunion was short-lived as Grogu departed with Luke to train under him. However, as he took his leave, Grogu and Din Djarin shared a poignant farewell exchange worthy of this week’s most exquisite moment.

In the scene, Luke explains he has arrived for Grogu and can train The Child. Mando looks to Grogu, who hasn’t moved, stating (almost like he’s trying to convince himself), “He doesn’t want to go with you”. Luke gently replies that Grogu requires Mando’s permission to leave. That’s when Mando picks up Grogu, telling him to go with Luke, promising Grogu that he will see him again. As Grogu reaches out towards Mando’s helmet, Din Djarin takes it off so Grogu can see his face for the first time (anyone else automatically think of the Darth Vader and Luke scene from Return of the Jedi?). Grogu strokes his little adorable hand onto Mando’s teary-eyed face and then heads off with Luke and R2-D2 while Din, sans helmet, watches them take their leave. 

The farewell beautifully illustrates the profound connection between Mando and Grogu. Grogu request for permission indicates that while he is willing to return his past and history, he is also inclined to a future with Mando. Meanwhile, Mando goes after Moff Gideon for one purpose and one purpose only, and that’s Grogu. Mando repeatedly states throughout the episode that The Child is his only priority, displaying a huge lack of interest in the Darksaber or anyone else’s agendas. To him, the only thing that matters is Grogu. 

Furthermore, the biggest character moment of the entire series to date was Din’s removal of his helmet. The series has always emphasized Mando’s commitment to his Creed, and it is a crucial element to his characterization. However, this season has explored Mando confronting his beliefs, learning more about fellow Mandalorians, and what it actually means to be Mandalorian. Mando first broke his Creed in Chapter 15 in order to save Grogu and was visibly uncomfortable doing so. When he removes his helmet in the finale, there is no hesitation by Mando. Gorgu’s touch is the first Din Djarin has probably felt since taking his Creed. By once again choosing the child over his Creed, Mando demonstrates that Grogu is the most important aspect in his life. His bond with Grogu essentially defines the person he is, when previously his identifier was his Creed. Like Grogu, Mando endures the internal struggle of wanting to remain with The Child despite knowing he belongs with the Jedi. However, he sets aside his feelings for the best interest of Grogu. The pair’s goodbye following this act displays a vulnerable moment consequent to the growth and familial attachment forged by the duo, a moment that shares a mutual acknowledgement and appreciation of what they have gained from each other.


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