INTRODUCING: Character Deep Dive

We’re introducing a new segment to Marvelous Geeks and we can’t wait to jump right into it. Or in this case, dive right into it. Characters are crucial to a series, film, or novel succeeding. They are the heart and soul of the stories. They are the ones we think of and remember long after the plot’s forgotten. How they made us feel, what they represent, and who they are to the series is always integral when it comes to memorable storytelling. Characters are who audiences connect to, the people actors bring their everything to, and when it’s great, the humanity always deserves to be looked at closely. And there are already so many characters we can’t wait to analyze in depth. Be on the lookout for our first two characters coming very, very soon.

Are there any characters you’re wanting us to cover?


  1. Oh this sounds exciting. Well I see others have said Sidney and Charlotte and I’m sure Stinger will come up.
    Well how about Charles Brandon played by Henry Cavill and Queen Katherine of Aragon from the Spanish Princess

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