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Netflix’s ‘Canvas’ is a Must Watch

Source: Netflix

Canvas, an animated short written and directed by Frank E. Abney III just released on Netflix and it’s a nine minute treasure. While we generally wait for Oscars seasons to give all the shorts a binge-like watch, we went ahead with this one immediately because it was so easy to tell it’d be phenomenal.

It’s a masterpiece of an animated short that’s undoubtedly headed towards critical recognition when we begin to approach awards season again. The short surrounds a family of three as they navigate towards the pangs of loss and the turmoils of grief. It beautifully encapsulates the loss of inspiration, the wander in children, and the importance of allowing healing to run its course. It’s a story about picking up the brush again, and the short’s ending was the powerful showcase of a beautiful beginning.

I’m no artist, but goodness the details in the animated short are stunning. The details in which animator Abney captured hair, creases, and gut wrenching expressiveness in the eyes are sensational. Canvas is thematically riveting, inspiring, and a short that’s going to be remembered.

Simply put, it’s a must watch.

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