Spotify Wrapped: Top Songs of 2020

Year-End reviews will look fairly different this year given how many productions were delayed because of Covid-19, but Spotify Wrapped has our backs when it comes to reminding us of what we’re obsessively hitting replay on. You all definitely care about mine, right? Who doesn’t love peeping into what everyone’s listening to way too many times?

  1. Sidney and Charlotte Dance | Ruth Barrett

I looked at the first one and was immediately surprised only to realize in an instant that it’s actually pretty accurate. Apparently, I enjoy crying because that’s exactly what Ruth Barrett’s “Sidney and Charlotte Dance” makes me want to do, and for all the right reasons. In all fairness though, I did write an entire breakdown of their dance and listened to the theme on repeat while doing so. Fun fact: TV/film scores are a few of my favorite things to exist and I’m always listening to them while doing any sort of writing. And while the entirety of the Sanditon score is utter magic, this one is without question my favorite track.

2. exile (feat. Bon Iver) | Taylor Swift

There are no questions about it, “exile” is the best song on folklore and the second I heard it, I knew it was going to be my favorite. We had an absolute ball talking about Swift’s entire album a few months ago and the feelings still stand, it’s unbeatable as a song. It just hits. Is anyone else out of breath trying to sing both parts and with the force of a thousand suns? Swift’s songs often hit hardest during the bridge, but with “exile,” it’s all of it–every single line is so evocative, it’s stunning.

3. Last Night of the World-Live | Eva Noblezada and Alistair Brammer

There weren’t a lot of new discoveries in 2020, but I did find 2014’s 25th Anniversary production of Miss Saigon on Prime and then I watched it on a loop for days despite knowing how cruelly it ends. I also once sang the entire soundtrack so dramatically while driving, it’s a miracle I wasn’t pulled over. I don’t want to know what people driving next to me were thinking. That said, while the whole soundtrack is brilliant, “Last Night of the World” is the duet to save all duets. Miss Saigon has some of the most romantic Broadway duets and I’ll scream about this until everyone agrees with me.

4. End Credits-Pride and Prejudice | Jean-Yves Thibaudet

An oldie but an eternal favorite. I’m surprised “Dawn” isn’t on here too. Jean-Yves Thibaudet’s score for Pride and Prejudice is without question one of the most beautiful film scores to exist. The perpetual feeling of serenity that it’s able to capture is unmatched to anything, and it’s the one score that makes everything better. This track especially encapsulates magic, whatever or however that looks, I’m sure this is how it feels.

5. Queen Bee | Johnny Flynn

Johnny Flynn is one of the only new artist I discovered this year and I’ll be thanking the 2020 Emma adaptation to the end of time for this. Flynn’s voice is a dreamboat of wonders and “Queen Bee” is an absolute delight of a song. (And for Bridgerton fans out there, let’s talk about the Benedict/Sophie vibes with this one!) I could listen to Flynn sing about anything and it’d be glorious. It has been. I immediately went ahead and added every other album he has. If you love “Queen Bee,” you’ll love everything else. Trust us.

What was on your Spotify Wrapped this year? Did anything surprise you? Were you surprised not to see something? (If only I had discovered Julie and the Phantoms earlier, I’m sure it would have been on here, too.)

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