‘Julie and the Phantoms’: The Unbeatable Sincerity

Source: Netflix

If you’re anything like me and high school musicals aren’t your jam, but people won’t stop talking about this phantom show then look no further. In all honesty, I wasn’t sure I’d like it, in fact, I was scared I’d have to break it to my friends in our group chat where the obsessive chatter surrounding the TV series is non-stop. But the polar opposite happened, I loved it. Again, I’m just not the biggest fan of High School Musicals and Camp Rocks, the music is hella catchy, and I loved it once upon a time, but to say that any of them made me weep the way Julie and the Phantoms did would be a lie. And if you know anything about me, you know that the second something makes me cry, I’m sold. Netflix has yet to renew the extraordinary gem, but we’re here to convince anyone who’s yet to see it, to add it to their list.

We were initially going to go with our 10 Reasons to Watch format, but people need to go this series unspoiled. Julie and the Phantoms is simply put, a treasure. The series stars are exceptional. This is Madison Reyes’ first acting gig. Let that sink in for a moment, then when you go into the series and see her first performance and your jaw hits the floor, you’ll get it. This girl is a star and she is going to be an even bigger one when the series moves forward. Also, an album stat—please and thank you. Reyes is among an incredibly talented cast who can not only sing their hearts out, but who can evoke vulnerability beautifully.

The series is full of stunning representation from a diverse cast to LGBTQ characters, and because it’s already done so well, we’re confident it’ll be gorgeously satisfying throughout. The heart of the series is the founded family. It is, without question, the most beautiful part of the series. Who doesn’t love a founded family arc where each person makes the other better simply by loving them as they are? Julie and the Phantoms along with Flynn, Mr. Molina, Carlos, and Willie are truly perfect. Without spoiling too much in spite of the fact that the series has been out for a while, the unbeatable sincerity is what makes Julie and the Phantoms so special as a series. Its target audience probably wasn’t mid-twenty/thirty year olds crying, but that’s what happens when a series touches on emotions such as loss and grief. Julie and the Phantoms is about finding yourself and finding your team. It’s about finding the people who will love you as you are, and it’s about finding the people who’ll push you to reach toward the dreams you’ve allowed yourself to give up.

Julie and the Phantoms is a series that takes the toughest times for teens and reiterates the idea that as long as people are deeply loved, they’ll get through it all. We all remember what it was like to be in high school, and we all remember thinking that perhaps our feelings weren’t valid, but this show tells viewers that they are. It’s a series that highlights the importance of profound love and the fact that in a fantasy world especially, it’s the most powerful emotion that can be shown. Julie and the Phantoms is about a group people who love deeply, and it’s a series that reminds its viewers of the fact sharing that love is the best thing we can do with our lives.

It’s a series that highlights the idea that listening to people and giving them the time they need to get through heartaches is crucial for healing. It’s a series that highlights the idea that a team who’s willing to be transparent with each other, is a team that’s going to succeed. It’s about believing in those you love and reaching out to consistently give. It’s about finding freedom in sincerity, and it’s about realizing that vulnerability is strength.

It’s a series that reiterates just how important media is to those who are suffering, whether it’s music or literature or film, the creative arts are both incredibly freeing and gratifying. In a year like 2020, it’s exactly the type of series the world deserved. It’s a series that’s full of heartbreaking twists and turns, but one that’s bound to bring hope and light into this world. The songs are catchy, and the performances will make you miss live concerts with a fire in your soul.

But until then, wear your masks and socially distance so the world gets to see this cast perform in person. Deal?

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