Coming Soon: Lady Geeks’ Society Podcast

Dear Listeners,

The Bridgertons are coming and so are we. An extension to the Marvelous Geeks podcast will now be focused solely on the infamous Bridgerton family, their books, and the Netflix series that’ll feature Julie Andrews are the anonymous Lady Whistldown narrator. What’s our goal here? We’re just trying to be the Julie Andrews of everything we do, duh. That said, sometimes shows that are available to binge lose the buzz after a week or two, but we’ll be here every week following the December 25th premiere to cover each of the episodes and then some. It sounds like a solid plan, doesn’t it?

In the meantime, check out what we had to say about our top three favorite Bridgerton books and the episode of Marvelous Geeks where we covered the series as a whole.

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