Save Sanditon: The Inimitable Fandom’s Remarkable Campaign to Renew the Beloved Jane Austen Adaptation

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Believe us when we say we’ve been around these neck of the woods for a long time now, actively paying close attention to all types of fandoms and how the world of social media operates around media. Marvelous Geeks is going on a decade in the world of TV and film reviews thus, it’s safe to say we’ve seen a lot. We’ve seen cancellations and renewals. We’ve seen campaigns run high and low to save beloved shows. We’ve seen successes and failures. But without exaggeration, we’ve never seen a fandom fight as hard as the Sanditon Sisterhood.

It’s been an honor and an absolute joy to watch the Twitter campaigns blossom into recognition from Amazon Prime executives. An absolute joy to watch their petitions rise to impeccable numbers. And today, an astonishment to see them reach artists that could spread their campaign even further.

The Sanditon campaign reached World-Renowned Artist, Simon Beck and he has created a special #SaveSanditon sand art on the famous Brean Beach in the UK with the help of three volunteers of the Sanditon Sisterhood.  Brean Beach was used countless times as filming location for the series, and the funds to commission the artist was raised by the fans in just a few hours. WHAT!? This is exactly what we mean when we say we haven’t seen anything like this. Fans of NBC’s Timeless know what it’s like to rise to such heights in ensuring the series gets Comic Con recognition. So we’re looking to you, Amazon. There’s a lot you might regret but saving Sanditon, and gifting this incredibly resilient fandom with a second season won’t be one of them.

“As an amazing bonus, and due to the overwhelming response from fans, artist Simon Beck has gone back this week to create another sand art design of Sidney Parker (Theo James). During the making of the first artwork the tide came in quicker than expected. Simon very kindly went back to complete this second design for the Sanditon Sisterhood on Brean Beach where Sanditon was filmed. It’s followed by a press article and video detailing the artwork.” (@SanditonSister2)

Sanditon is a series we’ve covered diligently here at Marvelous Geeks, and it’s a series we plan to continue to praise. But we’re not the only ones who’ve been impressed by Andrew Davies’ adaptation of the legendary Jane Austen’s unfinished novel. The New York Times named it one of their “50 Shows to Watch.” Oprah Magazine called Sanditon in the “Best Period Dramas to Watch for an Escape.” Vogue UK named it one of the “Best Dramas Currently on Air.” USA Today described it as “One of the Best Jane Austen Adaptations Ever Made.” (We’ll stand by this claim firmly. It is, without question in the top three adaptations, and given a second season, we could see it becoming number one.) Since March 1, the #Sanditon hashtag has more than 5.5 million Tweets and #SaveSanditon has more than 5.2 million Tweets. If that’s not the most impressive thing you’ve ever heard from a show that wasn’t widely popular, we don’t know what is.

The campaign to save Sanditon alone has been incredibly impressive, but the strategic work and incomparable kindness the fandom has shown networks, writers, and fellow fans is on another level of deserving. This campaign was started and executed by SanditonSister2 on Twitter and their fight has been immeasurable. The world needs fangirls. The world needs fangirls because they know how to fight for what’s right, what’s deserving, and they know how to spread good news like wildfire. Fans keep the shows going and with Sanditon especially, they could keep it going to stunning heights if they had the opportunity and chance to.

All that is needed is the chance and a network with a budget that’s high enough to keep such a masterful, beautifully executed show going. Austen’s legacy spreads far and wide, and it’s the legacy of happy endings. Take Schitt’s Creek as an example—the world needs happiness, the world needs purity, and the world needs the type of shows that are going to evoke immaculate, irreversible joy in their viewers. These are the type of shows that go on to set records. These are the type of shows that go on to be remembered for years to come. If Amazon or any other streaming network were to pick up Sanditon, we don’t doubt for a second that they won’t see the transparent beauty in allowing happy endings  to reign. Plus, with more people streaming these days, it is likely to bring in more reviewers than before as many have cut ties with cables these days.

Sanditon is a series that deserves the hype around it’s name. It’s a series full of exquisite characters, incredibly nuanced episodes (sans fillers), and what might actually be the most profoundly heartwarming, beautifully breathtaking Austen relationship. (Ssh, don’t tell Knightley and Emma.) If you still haven’t watched Sanditon, here are 10 reasons why you should do so today, for we’re certain once you’re in, it’s easy to understand why this fight to save the series is so strong.

If you have a moment, please sign the petition for a Sanditon renewal that will properly honor Jane Austen’s legacy and a happily ever after ending.

And if you’re on Twitter, please give this particular tweet a RT to show Amazon Prime that you want a renewal.…1273247132347179009

#WhoWillSaveSanditon? We aren’t sure about that, but we do know that they’ll be the most beloved in doing so. And we know without a shadow of a doubt that it’s a decision we’ll all be forever grateful for.

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