Ranking The Bridgerton Book Series

Episode 31: Hopes for the Upcoming Bridgerton TV Show and Ranking the Book Series

cover for Bridgerton Book 1: The Duke and I

On this week’s episode of Lady Geeks Society Podcast, Gissane Sophia and Jenna Guidi are back to discuss what’s taken over their lives, the Bridgertons! Bridgerton is a collection of eight historical romance books written by the inimitable Julia Quinn that’s coming to Netflix sometime this year. (That’s another point of this podcast, a plea for Netflix to give it to us sooner than later. Please.) We rank the books based on our favorites, discuss our favorite pairings, and share our hopes for the TV series.

This Bridgerton discussion is not spoiler-free. Though we don’t know how the Bridgerton series will go, this episode features many spoilers for the books. If you haven’t read the books and want to be surprised, hold off listening until you do.

13:52 TW: Rape is discussed.
44:27 The continuation of that quote was supposed to be: “You’re one of the special ones, Eloise. Life never happens to you … You happen to life.” (It’s one of the most beautiful quotes throughout the series, so I don’t want to share the full thing in case people still haven’t read it and want to.)

We hope you’re all safe and healthy!

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