Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s “Ding Dong” Brings On A Big Reveal

Brooklyn Nine-Nine “Ding Dong” Spoilers Ahead

Amy announces her pregnancy to Jake in Brooklyn Nine-Nine's "Ding Dong"

In an unsurprising turn of events, my muse is back again when it comes to Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I should just review the show weekly at this point, that’s how much I consistently want to talk about it, especially when it involves moments of vulnerability with our favorite precinct. This week we’re back with progress following Jake and Amy’s decision to start trying for a baby.

Shout it from the rooftops, ladies and gentlemen, AMY SANTIAGO IS PREGNANT! Has anyone else been screaming about this amidst all the chaos that has ensued in the world because of the COVID-19 pandemic? I sure have. We should’ve known we could always count on Brooklyn Nine-Nine to deliver the good news when everything else was falling apart. In all honesty, I didn’t think it’d happen for a while— after last week’s episode appropriately titled “Trying”, I imagined we’d have to wait a little bit longer to see this, but I’m thrilled the series has decided to deliver instead.

But last week’s episode served its purpose impeccably, if time permitted, I would’ve written about it, too. It’s crucial to note that it isn’t easy for a great number of couples in the world, but still miracles happen as well. And of course, being a parent doesn’t equate to a natural birth process as adoption is a huge gift in this world, too. But for now, we get to bask in Amy Santiago getting what she’s always wanted while Jake Peralta is given the opportunity to give a child the kind of life and father he’s always searched for.

That final moment was everything. The moment Amy held out the positive test paralleling last week’s seemingly countless negative ones, everything felt right in the world. Jake almost tearful speechlessness before muttering “Ames” was such stunning acting on Andy Samberg’s end, and Melissa Fumero’s wide range of emotions in a single expression broke me in all the right ways while sending my soul somersaulting into bliss. You could feel their embrace miles away. I guarantee it. Have someone that doesn’t watch the show watch their final embrace and I’ll bet they’d feel just how liberating and vulnerable the moment is for the couple.

Jake and Amy’s quiet moments at home are my absolute favorite. We are all Charles Boyle—we “ship” these two so hard, we want to know everything. We want to know everything because they’re two people who are not only immensely deserving of great love, but they’re two people who are deserving of serenity after the days they have at the precinct. And after the sadness they’ve lived through in the last few months questioning if they’d ever be blessed with the opportunity to become parents, it’s beautiful to see this moment of relief where they realize they are. The two of them are a family, and that family is about to grow with a child they’d nurture and love no matter what. Their child is not only the product of great love, but the seed of tireless support and dedication. He or she is going to be born to parents who’d walk through fire without questions. And that’s what makes this moment so beautiful. You could feel every ounce of the love Jake and Amy already have for their unborn child while the love they have for each other increases exponentially, too. It doesn’t require a thousand words, just a single embrace that says it all.

It happened! It sure did, Charles. It sure did. What an ending. What are your thoughts on Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s “Ding Dong?”

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