Brooklyn Nine-Nine “Manhunter” Highlights: Jake and Amy’s Decision

Brooklyn Nine-Nine “Manhunter” Spoilers Ahead

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is back and with it unsurprisingly returns my muse for this segment. God, I love this show. Its return brought us one of the sweetest, most intimate moments between Jake and Amy and I am a beaming wreck of emotions. Is there anything better than casual intimacy?  No, no there is not. Is there anything better than the possibility of a Peraltiago baby in the future? Also no. It’s everything that’s good and pure in the world. (Title of  Their Sex Tape.)

Jake and Amy’s relationship has evolved so beautifully: between their moments at work and the quiet moments at home, they’re navigating through life together with such a stunning balance between fervor and tender warmth, it’s always a treat to watch. If I’m this emotional over a scene like this, do we even think I can handle these two as parents? I’m gonna be an absolute blubbering wreck of emotions. Give it to me now.

I told you water was bad for you.”
“That’s not the takeaway here.”
“You’re absolutely right, how are you? How do you feel? Are you okay?”

There’s so much vulnerability in this moment that lasts less than two minutes, and that is what’s making it stick out so effortlessly. Andy Samberg and Melissa Fumero are always astounding as scene partners, but these type of moments allow them to showcase their chemistry more intricately than the ridiculous, but always perfect banter. It’s moments like this that genuinely showcase what a healthy marriage looks like and why it’s so upsetting we don’t get more like them on television. It’s simple moments such as making a big decision right before bed because you’ve both finally found the peace within in to take the relationship to the next level. When Amy voices that she was a little disappointed to get her period and learn that she isn’t actually pregnant, Jake questions if they should just start trying now. And what’s fascinating is that this takes place in an episode where his trust issues with father figures is brought to the forefront boldly, making his readiness that much more sincere because he’s at a place where he feels confident enough to be the very guardian figure he didn’t have growing up.

Samberg does such an incredible job of bringing a transcendent joy to the conversation that reiterates just how deeply he’s capable of loving a child, because that child would not only be an innocent kid needing his love and guidance, but he or she would be product of his and Amy’s adoration. In everything he’s lost throughout his life, he’s found it in better ways in Amy, thus making him a stronger, better version of himself. And when Fumero smiles then sighs of relief, it’s a stunning showcase of the utter serenity that’s now within her, knowing they’re both ready for the next chapter in their lives. If the test returns positive now, it won’t be followed by stress, but rather, natural fears alongside the obligatory preparations which she’ll experience great joy during. There’s a gorgeous maturity with these two now that’s grounded incredibly with their quirks that allows for simple moments to be completely magical. I feel like I could hear every single viewer squeal at their kiss because it was so much more than what we’ve seen in past episodes — it was a promise solidifying that whatever they face, they’re both on the same page right now. This is what healthy marriage looks like, quiet, still moments of sincere adoration before the lights turn out and stunning, seemingly effortless growth from both ends.

What are your thoughts on Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s “Manhunter?”

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