Spider-Man: Far From Home Review + SDCC 2019 Marvel Coverage ft. Morgan McNair and Leen Bernardo

Spider Man: Far From Home poster

Spider-Man: Far From Home Review + SDCC 2019 Marvel Coverage ft. Morgan McNair and Leen Bernardo 

On this week’s episode of Marvelous Geeks, I sit down with the darlings Morgan McNair and Leen Bernardo to discuss (more so squeal repeatedly) over what an absolute treasure Spider-Man: Far From Home was, the superlative performances, and the utter delight of the kids + their innocence. Join us in also celebrating the fact that

Avengers: Endgame is now the number-one-grossing film worldwide! Ah! But on a serious note, Peter Parker’s superhero alias should be angel-man. There’s no child as pure and I could not love him more even if I tried. (I’ve said this before so let’s be real, it’s possible. I probably, most definitely could.) The conversations with Happy have a piece of my heart forever — we’ve come so far and it’s so precious to have witnessed this growth. 

The film’s lighthearted humor is a breath of fresh air amidst the darkness of fiction we’ve been exposed to lately. Peter and MJ are the sweetest duo and must be protected at all costs. They might just be my new favorite MCU couple since my original babies are retired somewhere in the 1940s. And one last thing, I still have no words for how good Tom Holland is at ming me full-blown sob with the benevolent vulnerability he brings to this character. There’s so much heart in every word he breathes to life, he’s without question, the best Spider-Man we’ve ever and will ever have, and I’m a bit tired of this universe consistently making this kid cry. Let him live, Marvel! That’s the journey we love most for him. The moments of innocence and pure joy were reflected in the time spent with his loved ones.

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