Captain Marvel Review

Captain Marvel Review

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On this week’s episode of Marvelous Geeks, Morgan McNair joins me to talk all things Marvel’s Captain Marvel. The review is not spoiler free, so listen at your own risk. We talk all things astounding scene stealer Goose the cat and tie the film into Avengers: Endgame a bit.

Marvel’s Captain Marvel is the first solo installment that features a female character front and center through Brie Larson and it takes fans through an origin story that’s bound to connect to the overarching universe remarkably. There’s a lot within the story that we can’t get to quite yet, but we try our best, dissect where need be, and ultimately fangirl about.

While the film isn’t perfect, it’s one that’s undoubtedly well done and an important piece of the puzzle necessary to push us forward into the next phase of this universe.

And as promised in the Podcast, here’s my Flerken, Peggy Carter the cat. But you can call us Goose, too. (Or, rather me, because you know–the name and all. Get it? Get it?)


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